Custom Amps

I also like to build handmade tube amps.  I hand wire the circuit boards, point-to-point, and also build & finish the cabinets by hand.  Here are a few examples; click the links for more.

5F1 Champ; Tweed w/shellac

Radiata Pine w/boiled linseed oil cabinet for a Hot Rod Deluxe

Tweed 5F4, shellac finish

Radiata pine w/walnut stain; Blues Jr. Cabinet

Custom Amp-styled End Tables

“Barn wood Style 5E3 Deluxe” w/gun blued chassis

Pro Jr Cabinet; Radiata pine w/boiled linseed oil & polurethane

 5F2A Princeton; Radiata pine w/boiled linseed oil & polurethane

5F1 Champ Cabinet; Radiatta pine w/walnut stain, wheat grill

“Barn wood” style Blues Jr. cabinet w/satin finish

5F4 Tweed Super; 4×10″ cabinet


Pro Jr. cabinet; Radiatta pine & boiled linseed oil, satin finish