Nashville Glory

Here’s a story I’ve never told — about the first, and only, invite I’ve ever had to Nashville. After some emails and grace of God, my mother got the attention of none other than Whispering Bill Anderson, who told her to tell me to come up to Nashville, call his office, and he’d see what he could do. So, I drove up, transmission went out before I got to Appling (75 m.p.h. to first gear in a hurry), so I limped back with my flashers on for 9 miles back to the Belair Exit. Went out to eat that night with my parents and Erin, but it turns out I got food poisoning and was sick for 2 days, including the WHOLE trip up there, which I drove in my mom’s Suburban because my truck was out of service. Spent 4 days in a hotel waiting for his office to call back. And I got to meet Bill Anderson with Terry Wakefield of Sony. And while I was there, they asked how well I wrote with other writers. I said, I’ve never written with anyone else before…not a good sign. I told them how much I appreciated Jamey Johnson and the fact that it looked like country music was going to have a comeback….crickets. I heard how Jamey was burning bridges in Nashville and wasn’t going to make it in the long haul…more of a flash in the pan. This, mind you, right after Bill Anderson had recorded the title track “Guitar Song” with Jamey on his newest “The Guitar Song” album. Then, when we finally started talking about my songs, Ol’ Whispering Bill procedeeded to use two lines from two of my songs he’d heard (Barefoot Dancing in the Rain & Magnolia Waltz) to talk about cliched lines in country music that had all be done before and nobody was interested in. So, I drove to Nashville, spent a nearly a week in a hotel, for that son of a bitch to make fun of my songs in front of me, and spout off lines about his newest one about Marty, Hank, and Lefty that George Jones had basically recorded 30 years ago…the rest of us heard it the first time when it was called “Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes”.. so that he could tell me to keep trying. I just wish I’d told him that there’s a lot of people who think more of “Magnolia Waltz” than they ever thought of “Po’ Folks.”

New album soon!

I finally made it to the studio this past Monday and got a few songs recorded! They aren’t finished yet, but the music sounds as good as it’s ever going to get! Big thanks to the staff and musicians at the Rukkus Room in Nashville, TN for a great experience and fantastic job! Stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks!

Amp Cabinet (Continued)

So here’s some pics of what’s going on with this cabinet.  BTW, it is for sale; would fit a Fender Pro Jr., Blues Jr., or Tweed style Princeton, all with a 10″ speaker.