Amp Cabinet (Continued)

So here’s some pics of what’s going on with this cabinet.  BTW, it is for sale; would fit a Fender Pro Jr., Blues Jr., or Tweed style Princeton, all with a 10″ speaker.

News for 2015

New things are under way!  I have plans to get into the studio with my band to record my song “Can’t Outrun That Train”, hopefully, sometime in January of 2015.  We’ll be shooting a live video of us recording it in the studio to go along with the single.  I have some dates booked already playing lead guitar for Daniel Johnson, so check in to see when I may be in your area.

After taking a little time off this fall, I’ve started into another music project — handmade tube amplifiers.  You can see a couple I’ve built already (one for me, one for Daniel Johnson) here.  If you are interested in one, feel free to contact me.